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At Catherine Street dentist we take a very modern approach to the dentistry we offer our patients. We can help you to limit the amount of invasive dental treatment that you need by working with you and providing you with the information and techniques you need to maintain a healthy mouth.

to prevent or at least greatly reduce these diseases in the mouth.

It’s never too late to start looking after your teeth and gums. The main causes of tooth loss are from tooth decay and gum disease. With help and advice from our highly skilled staff and a wide variety oral hygiene products available, it is possible








1. A cavity or 'hole' in the tooth is not always visible in the mouth. The decay can be destroying the tooth under the surface of the enamel. A visible hole will only appear when the decay progresses into the tooth and the enamel collapses. At this stage the tooth will need cleaned out and filled by the dentist to prevent further damage.

2. If left untreated the decay will progress further into the sensitive dentine of the tooth and cause some discomfort and pain. The tooth is still able to be restored by your dentist at this stage, however the longer the decay is allowed to progress in the tooth, the pain and discomfort experienced will increase.

3. The centre of the tooth holds the nerve and blood vessels. It is the nerve that keep the tooth alive and healthy. At this stage the decay has progressed so far into the tooth it has reached the nerve and pulp chamber killing the nerve. The bacteria from the dead nerve can pass through a tiny hole on the root of the tooth and form a very painful abscess . At this stage there is only two treatment options available to save the tooth, Root canal treatment or extraction.

Throughly brushing your teeth twice daily for two minutes each time will help prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Two minutes seems like quite a short time, but if you time yourself while brushing you will probably find that most of us fall way short of two minutes. It is important to be thorough when brushing your teeth ensuring all surfaces are cleaned and particular attention is paid to the area along where the tooth and gum meet.

oral health - how to brush your teethTilt your tooth brush to a 45° angle against the gum line and gentle brush in small circular motions the whole way along the inside of your teeth.

brushing your teeth Pay particular attention to the inside of your front lower teeth. This area can be prone to tartar buildup. Gentle circular movements, ensuring your are covering the gum area will help reduce the buildup in this area.

oral health - how to brush your teethThe front of the teeth should now be cleaned with gentle circular motions. Brushing or scrubbing too hard can cause the gum to shrink back exposing the sensitive part of the tooth that would normally be covered by the gum. This can cause pain and sensitivity. Gum recession cannot be reversed.

brushing your teeth Ensure that all chewing surface of each tooth is cleaned throughly using short back-and-forth strokes.

The same techniques should be used to throughly clean the top teeth also. Ensuring that each tooth is cleaned throughly and the gum is kept healthy will reduce the need for future entail treatment

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