What are they?

A Removable Denture Replaces Missing Teeth. 'Partial' Dentures Replace A Few Missing Teeth And 'Full' Or 
'Complete' Dentures Are Needed If All The Natural Teeth Are Missing. Full Dentures Are usually constructed Of Acrylic (a Plastic material). Partial Dentures Can be constructed 
completely of acrylic, or alternative materials can be used, cobalt chrome, or titanium for a base and acrylic teeth added.

Lots of people who require dentures will prefer not to advertise this fact, rather keeping it A Secret 
Between Them And Their Dentist. With a combination of a good denture base and high quality teeth, this can 
now be achieved.

To allow a denture to fit as firmly as possible a Very Accurate Impression will be taken Of Your Mouth. 
Clasps Can Be Used Around Your Teeth To Reduce Denture Movement where necessary and appropriate. Upper 
Dentures can be constructed with a clear palate.
For a natural, elegant look, Higher Quality Teeth can be used Using Modern Techniques, Creating A Smile you 
can Be Proud Of.

Natural, Great Looking Teeth

With age Natural Teeth will Darken, some Modern Techniques Can be used to Lighten Them. So Too With Your  Denture Teeth, a wide variety of light and darker teeth mean, that the correct shade can be used to give  your denture as natural a colour to match with any remaining natural teeth. All Teeth Contain A Wide Range Of Shades And Translucencies, Mimicked By Your Denture Teeth.

The Shape of a the denture teeth is Carefully Chosen To Look realistic, gradients of Colour Change From The tip of the tooth, through its body, to its neck will most accurately reflect a natural look.

So whether you have a complete denture, or just a few teeth missing, why must anyone else know?

custom made dentures


The way you look, chewing, biting, eating, speaking can all improve with a well made, good fitting denture. 

They Are Custom-Made To Match Your Mouth And Can Be Made To Look As Natural As Possible. Remaining natural Teeth Are Protected From Wear And Tear. With spaces around them, when no Denture is worn, The Natural Teeth  May drfit and move, reducing the ability to chew as contacts between teeth are lost.

Immediate replacement for extracted teeth can be provided by a denture, these can be fitted on the day a tooth is removed having been constructed in advance. Nobody Will Know That You Have Had A Tooth Out. These  Are Called 'Immediate' Dentures.

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