White Fillings

Say goodbye to silver fillings!

A Filling aims to restore the part Of A Tooth That Has Been Lost due to Decay Or damage from an accident.

Unlike Amalgam (silver) Fillings, White Filling Material actually Sticks To Teeth, So It May Be Effectively Used To Repair any Teeth That Are Chipped, Broken, Decayed Or have Worn down over the years. It Can Also Be Used As A 'Veneer' to improve the appearance of teeth and often disguise any Discolouration present.

Until Recently, Dentistry Was Only Able To Restore Teeth Using Materials Containing Metals.  As Most people Grew Up familiar with Dark Grey areas filled In Our teeth, ‘Everyone’ Had Them - We Thought Nothing Of It.  Thankfully, times have now changed.


For fillings in back teeth that would traditionally have been filled with amalgam, there is an alternative that looks more natural.

White Fillings Come In A Range Of Shades So They Can Be Matched To The Colour Of Your natural Teeth on an individual basis. There are many benefits to white fillings, including:

Please feel free Ask at reception or contact 028 7776 5077 for more information. 

Treatment cost ranges from £75.

white fillings beforeBefore Treatment

white fillings afterAfter Treatment

white fillings after2 years after treatments







white fillings beforeBefore composite white filling build up

white fillings afterAfter incisal edge chipped teeth restored with composite

white fillings afterAfter composite white filling build up


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