Root Canal Treatment

The roots of a tooth hold it within the jaws. Some teeth have multiple roots, usually the molars at the back 
of the mouth have two or three roots, while the teeth at the front of the mouth often have a single root.

When a tooth is healthy, the middle or core of the tooth contains a mixture of nerve and blood vessels, this 
dental pulp extended from the middle of a tooth to the tip of each root, through the root canal.

An injury, trauma, or dental decay Can damage or Destroy The Living Pulp. When this happens, the blood supply to the core of the tooth is often compromised, and leaves the tooth more prone to infection, toothache or abscess.

root canal


Root Canal Treatment (Also Known As Root Filling Or Endodontics) involves the removal of this damaged or infected pulpal tissue, and shaping and cleaning of the root canal space, before filling this canal with a biocompatible material.  The tooth surface above the root canal is then restored to leave a solid infection free tooth.

Infection, trauma, or injury and the associated death of the pulp tissue can result in a tooth becoming Darker Than Other Teeth, Treatment Options For This darkening exist and Can Be Discussed.


Pulp damage can cause toothache but the pain will usually end very quickly when/once the root canal is cleaned out.

While damage or infection of pulp tissue often leads to toothache, this pain usually resolves quickly following root canal treatment.

Without A Root Filling, A Tooth can abscess as infection spreads from A Dead Pulp beyond the tooth itself. This often means a tooth has to eventually be extracted. Infection spreading beyond a tooth can result in very serious complications.

Our practice uses up to date techniques and equipment, such as:

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