What are they?

The Crown Of A Tooth Is That Part that we can all see in the mouth above the gum.

An Artificial Crown is made in a laboratory and Completely Covers the Weakened Tooth in order to Protect It. Crowns can be Made Of Metal, porcelain, or a combination – depending on various factors such as strength of supporting tooth or aesthetics.


In The Past, If You Needed A Dental Crown You very few options. With modern advancements, The Strength And Durability Of Ceramics, You Now can Have A Choice Between Traditional Gold Crowns And Modern White Ceramic ones. It Is Generally Accepted That often when a tooth Has Been Root Filled (Nerve Removed), considered should Be given to restoring with a crown – in order to help protect the remaining tooth structure.

All Ceramic Crowns

Crowns Made From Modern Ceramic Materials Stick to your Your Existing Tooth (known as bonding). There are several benefits to these:

Modern Ceramic Crowns Are Exceptionally Natural Looking - Ideal For Front Teeth.

Porcelain Crowns fused to Metal

Porcelain Crowns Fused To Metal have metal inside the crown to provide strength – with porcelain on the outside to improve appearance. These crowns Are Stronger Than the all ceramic crowns (due to the metal on the inside), however They can Lack The Translucency Of Natural Teeth And, In Some Cases, A Dark Line can be seen Between The Crown And The Gumline.

For Teeth That Are further to The Back Of The Mouth, But are still visible when smiling, A Porcelain Fused To Metal Crown Is A Good Choice.

The recent advancements have actually allowed a crown to be made with Titanium, Instead Of A Metal Mixture. It Is Bio Compatible, Lightweight And an exceptionally Close Fitting.

Gold Crowns

These are the more traditional option For Back Teeth.

crown treatment northern ireland
crown treatment northern ireland


Bridges are used to Replace One Or More Missing Teeth.They are fixed ins position – by sticking/joining on to the adjacent tooth or teeth.

Problems can arise if teeth are lost and the space left unfilled – the Adjacent Teeth Can Tilt or drift Into The new Space.


Even Opposing Teeth Can Over-Erupt And You May Have Trouble Chewing, feeling like you bite has changed.

The Materials Used by the laboratory to make Bridges Are Similar To Those Used For Crowns, as mentioned above.

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